Southwest Florida 4X4 is owned and operated by brothers, Will and Greg Powell. We take pride in every vehicle we work on as if it were our own. Our mission is to provide you with an honest and straightforward approach. We have worked hard to uphold our reputation and are proud to be known locally as one of the best shops around. Not only for our competitive pricing but also for our extensive knowledge and friendly service.

With over 15 years experience optimizing vehicles, Southwest Florida 4X4 is your one-stop-shop for all your aftermarket needs.


Will Powell is THE 4×4 GURU. He is known throughout Southwest Florida for his intricate knowledge and vision in the 4×4 industry. Will began his 4×4 career in Tampa FL working as a service technician at 4WheelParts Wholesalers where he performed repairs and modifications to a wide variety of vehicles. While completing his BS, he worked as a project advisor for Land O Lakes 4×4 where he planned, coordinated and administered various customization projects and trained technicians to perform required tasks. After graduating from USF with his BS, he imagined having his own 4×4 customization business where he could help truck and Jeep owners realize their own 4×4 customization dreams. Will’s excitement about Southwest Florida 4×4 is contagious and you will love working with him to make you dreams a reality.

Will and Sheriff Grady Judd


Greg Powell is not only a marketing visionary, but he is also a true customer service professional. He brings to the Southwest Florida 4×4 team his skills in getting the product and customer in the same place at the same time, and also in making certain that every customer leaves the business at least 100% satisfied. Greg has lived in Southwest Florida since graduating from FGCU with his BS a few years ago. He has worked in several retail and service positions since. Greg is also Will’s right hand man in the shop. He shares Will’s enthusiasm for Southwest Florida 4×4 and will assure you an excellent project.

Greg and his daughter, Elizabeth